Hi. My exams are over and I am back.

I had this thing in mind from a long time and thought of sharing it with you all.

So, firstly who inspires you? And what does that person have that inspires you?

His wealth? His fame? His modesty? What is it? When you get inspired, you want to become like that person in future. He gives you a boost, changes the way you think or act. But do we always become like our inspiration? Or its just that we say that “Ohh… This person is so inspiring!” and leave the topic then and there,taking no efforts to become like him one day. Maybe the person who inspires you might not even be your ideal. He just has a namesake presence in your life. That doesn’t make sense. An inspiring person is someone who is your ideal, and not necessarily some billionaire or a famous actor or a popular sports icon. It can be your Dad, your Mom your younger brother, your teacher, your friend, absolutely anyone. It is not that my ideal is Bill Gates so I will do everything he did. When a person inspires you, you should know what to take from him, whether its right or not. I can get a boost from my mother. How she takes care of everyone, manages household chores as well as works diligently. Its my choice whether to be like her one day. Or even my friend who is a topper or an athlete can inspire me greatly.

Do you know who actually are great, inspiring people? They are the ones who even if live in your life for a short time, make a great difference. Then there are those who take you on the wrong track but you can still learn from them that what not to do and come out of that situation. And the ones who brighten up your life deserve to be remembered. People can influence you to become bad. Its eventually your instincts which tell you from where to seek “inspiration”. Maybe become worse than what you are by tracing the wrong path. Or outshine your ideal by turning better than him.

After all the choice is yours. And the consequences are all yours. Enjoy.

© SannSpeaks™🙂

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And yes… Its absolute coincidence that all my three Insights have been published on the 28th of every month starting July. So since now it was unplanned, I decide to publish an Insight every 28th (if possible).

Thank you 🙃


7 thoughts on “Insight 3 : Inspiration lies everywhere!

  1. I completely agree, inspiration can definitely come from anywhere. This post inspired me to think about who and what I’m inspired by. Good stuff!

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