Insight 1- The reason to our existence!

“Insight is an accurate and deep understanding.”


“the capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of someone or something.”

And ‘Insights’ category on my blog is something similar to what written above. Insights will basically highlight what I have learnt from my past experiences. Mostly, as of now, I have decided to take one experience and highlight its moral. It would have happened with all of us but the objective is that what have we learnt from it?

We kids play with fire numerous times. And obviously we face the heat later on. Our parents shout at us, but many a times (at least me) we turn a deaf ear to their lecture. But later on when we make the same mistake in front of others, we repent and just wish that, if we would have listened to them once, we wouldn’t have had to see this day. I do regret it, I go home, hug my Mum and Dad, say Sorry, promise to do it never again and matter finished. I feel light and they feel good. Because they are parents. This regret was done justice as my PARENTS were the judges. They forgave me. But this matter can’t be taken into consideration with the rest of the world. They are not our parents who will love us unconditionally till their last breath. No. If we don’t adjust according to them maybe even once, they will not care even a bit. We will weep and cry if we really regret that fact. But this time our regret has no blessing of justice. And our regret should have no right to feel unjust because it was all created by us. Though they say, children are blessings in disguise, I feel parents are true blessings in disguise, whose disguise we never seem to realise and when we do its too late. So spend as much time with your parents as you can and even after you have realised that they will always forgive you don’t let them be in the dark…Don’t disappoint them… Don’t let their trust drown… because after all ,

They are the reason to our existence

(Based on an experience…I’ll always regret)

Β© SannSpeaksβ„’

Thank you for reading!!!



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