Hello: The start of a fresh talk!

This is my first post and I am really excited for this new blogging journey. After many requests from relatives and friends, I finally created this blog to share and express with all of you my poems, short stories, experiences and basically all I feel. I ain’t doing it for publicity but just for pure pleasure and happiness. When people admire my writings, I feel really good. A positive energy shoots up in me which brims me with positive vibes. All the negativity streams out and optimism gushes in. This in and out flow of different emotions fills me with energy and when someone praises me more and more, this optimism gradually gets converted to over optimism and then a thought arises to take a step forward, do something more than penning in diaries. But the idea of blogging never gets executed. I don’t know why but somehow I feel very content in my own small world of penning in diaries. However, the realisation some or the other day comes to us and we have to embrace it and take the next step. So that’s what I did. I embraced the realisation willingly and created my blog and typed my first ever blog post. But surely still, the enthusiasm of writing with a pen on a fresh piece of paper will never die.

Looking forward to seeing you all once again.Thanks a lot for visiting my blog. Hope you liked my first post. Hope I have managed to garner a positive awaiting for my future posts from you readers! Have a great day ahead and don’t miss the opportunity of embracing the realisation when it comes to you. See you next time. Buh-bye.

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36 thoughts on “Hello: The start of a fresh talk!

  1. How beautifully , u write , Sann. Ur creativity reminds me of ur mother. She always used to spend her leisure time doing something creative like drawing, painting, making clothes for her doll etc. keep it up Sann. May god bless you with best thoughts…..good luck

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